Herbal Harmony and its journey.....

Herbal Harmony was founded by Catherine Lannin, a Medical Herbalist from Dorset. 
Here's her story:

'After completing my degree in Herbal Medicine at the University of Central Lancashire in 2003, I joined the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and set up practice as a herbalist in Dorset.

Having particularly enjoyed parts of my degree course which involved designing & creating products, I decided that I wanted to be able to make my own natural & herbal skincare products for my patients which were free from the chemicals that could irritate and harm the skin and our health (SLS, SLES, parabens, Petroleum derivatives etc) so I set about learning, reading and experimenting to create my product range.

The range initially started with a few skin creams, ointments and teas and over the years as the demand for natural cosmetics began to grow, I started to create bath products, shower gels, cleansers, face moisturisers, traditional cold process soaps
and more recently felted soaps.

With the interest in natural products increasing, my journey also took a new path into teaching in 2009, something I would never have imagined myself doing, but now enjoy immensely, and it's wonderful to be able to help people create their own cosmetics for friends & family.
As my business has now grown to the point that I am working full time making & selling my products and teaching classes, I have stopped practicing as a herbalist for the time being but continue to use the knowledge I gained from my training throughout my business and personal life.
After a short time living in Monmouthshire, Wales, I moved back to west Dorset in 2018 up until 2021 and in early 2022 have moved to Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire.